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Wolf Marshall on Guitarists

Rich Vettel and Wolf Marshall

Today’s show went by so fast as I had two great guests in-studio and several callers! World-renowned guitar player, instructor and author, Wolf Marshall shares stories of when he worked with Stevie Ray Vaughn, Keith Richards and many famous studio musicians of all time.

Wolf Marshall on Guitar Legends

Famous Female Guitarists

Callers Join in the Discussion

Is Guitar Hero for Real and More Fans of Wolf



It Pays to Be Passionate About Your Life

Are you passionate about what you do during the day and how you’ve set up your life? Since I created the Go With Your Gut decision-making process in 1997, I’ve coached many hundreds of people. And, one of the common threads is that when someone is not passionate about their work or they are struggling in a relationship or didn’t have one, they made decisions from their ego or their emotions.

It is natural and effortless to make decisions from our gut when we’re feeling passionate about our work, relationship, etc… Why? Because when we feel good about what we’re doing we don’t have to think up the next steps toward it. Passion comes from a deep desire, a vision we have for our life and the decisions and choices to keep it alive are made from the same place.

Even if you aren’t living it today, take time to daydream about what it could be and then when you know what it is it will begin to show up in your life. What’s your vision for your life? Share it with me below.




Cultivate a Rich Interior Life

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Daily we’re inundated with emails, social media, text’s and just trying to earn some money and take care of our families. And it would be nice to read a book and get some exercise, too. We can all feel stressed about something almost everyday. So how do you manage your stress? Do you feel grounded, solid, rooted inside to manage a busy and chaotic life?

There’s a saying, Wherever you go, there you are, well, it’s true. We can try to run away from ourselves by overly busying ourselves, eating, drinking, shopping, watching TV, etc…but we eventually turn around and there we are. So what’s the answer? I suggest cultivating a rich interior life. What does that look like? How do you acquire one and more importantly, what does it feel like?

Having a rich interior life feels calm and strong, you’ll feel able to handle, with grace and dignity, any missiles that may hit your ship. It feels patient and you’ll take a deep breath before you react to a situation. So, how do you cultivate a rich interior power?

I would start with a daily practice of something, whatever helps you feel grounded and makes your emotions and thoughts secondary. Such as, going for a walk, taking 15-minutes to be in silence, driving without talking on the phone or listening to the radio and when you feel uncomfortable not busying yourself, stay with it and it will pass and you’ll feel better. See, we’re an energy system so when we’re stressed we usually defer to our habitual response, fight or flight.

Every time you practice a form of discipline on a daily basis the more you will cultivate a rich interior life.

What to do to cultivate a rich interior life:

  • Talk less, listen more
  • Listen more, react less
  • Begin a daily, quiet practice: 15-minutes is enough. Such as, prayer, meditation, be in nature, journal, breathe, read, affirmations, and exercise
  • Identify your higher power

Benefits of cultivating a rich interior life: You will feel;

  • Composed
  • Patient
  • Stronger
  • Inspired
  • Hopeful
  • Content
  • Fulfilled
  • Satisfied

It’s worth trying. Once you feel any of the above benefits you’ll miss them when you stop your daily practices. It only takes 15-minutes a day of any of them to reap the wonderful benefits.



2013 – Start a New Routine

I always get excited about the New Year. Sure, I know some resolutions get rolled over from the previous year but, that’s okay. In my enthusiasm to march forward I may be a bit overzealous and take on more than I can do. During the past couple of years I had a lot of major goals to deal with and they took all of my focus. I didn’t like dealing with them but I learned something important…

But, before I tell you what I learned I want to fast-forward to now. I was having dinner with my boyfriend, Jim, and he was the one who brought to my attention what I need to do. So the two stories tie in together and I want to share them with you.

Over the last two years, I had to accomplish one major goal and here are some thoughts on that which will tie-in to what Jim told me:

Two-year goal:

  • I didn’t want to do it
  • I had to do it
  • I didn’t know how I was going to get it done
  • Failing was not an option

Talk about pressure. I was so stressed out I couldn’t focus on anything else except life’s basic necessities and meeting my goal. Well, I did it. What a relief. Deep down I knew it would happen but a lot was at stake and two years was a long time.

So, after my conversation with Jim I realized I had learned how to focus on a single outcome and to do anything to make it happen. I was extremely creative under very stressful conditions plus hearing others tell me it might not happen. I refused to accept that. I just kept trying whatever I could to succeed and I finally did.

Back to Jim, his point was that I needed to find something that I am extremely passionate about, single-focused and spend five hours a day making it happen.

As a good friend and mentor, Mark LeBlanc, teaches, “Have a laser-like focus not a laser-light show.” Jim highlighted that I had too many things I could do and wasn’t picking just one to work on so I wasn’t getting anywhere.  I had a laser-light show going and all of the pretty lights were distracting me and I couldn’t focus on any single goal. That’s what Jim was urging me to do. To do one thing and see it through as I had on my big goal last year.

So this is how I’m going to do it, starting now my 2013 New Routine. Why don’t you grab a piece of paper and jot some of this down and give it a try?

  • Acknowledge your accomplishments, interests, skills and talents
  • List what you could monetize and how
  • Pick which one you are passionate about and excited to do
  • List the steps necessary to make it happen
  • Pick a time frame you will allow yourself to earn money

Send me an email if you need clarity on what I’m suggesting to Also, sign up for my GutCheck tips so you can know yourself and what you’re passionate about.





Your Soul Point of Strength

Your Gut is your sole/Soul point of strength. As you become more accustomed to hearing it and acting on it you will feel more confident about the direction you’re heading in life.

Convenient Conscience

convenient conscienceLet’s illuminate what is right under our nose that frustrates our efforts to move forward in life.

Truth be told…we’re fully culpable and responsible for every thing we experience in our life. I know, that’s a harsh statement but it’s true and it’s very liberating.

Many of us don’t want to take full responsibility for what happens in our lives and if we really looked closely, we’d have to admit we’ve become very comfortable with telling white lies, bold lies, omitting, denying, feeling bitter, vindictive, disingenuous and sometimes down-right mean-spirited.

I’m not saying we can’t be nice or that we don’t possess good qualities but, I am saying that we make it very convenient to ignore our conscience and behave badly toward someone else.

Are you a happy person? If you can do or say anything to someone who would hurt, hinder, insult, or intimidate another person,  then you’re not a happy person.

It’s just not possible to be a genuinely happy person and be mean to another.

Someone with a convenient conscience will tell a white lie because they don’t think it matters, but it does. How about the person who knowingly undermines or disparages another for their personal gain? That is convenient conscience as well.

To me, our conscience is directly linked with our Gut, our Soul and when we compromise that we’ve damaged our integrity.

It takes a strong person to resist the temptation to lie, cheat, steal or treat someone badly because they think they won’t get caught or they do it because they have more power or money than the other person.

Ultimately, a clear conscience and taking the high road is the only way to know inner peace and that is sadly highly underrated.

I think of it this way…someone with a clear conscience and integrity wouldn’t cheat at golf even if no one was watching.

The key is to watch yourself. If you’re confused about something ask your conscience.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – continue the conversation below.

Something Tells Me….

Something tells me....I was thinking yesterday that if for every decision I made I could say, “Something tells me”, I would be making the best choices.

When we’re trusting our Gut we’ll often say to others, “Something tells me” and the interesting thing is when we say that or someone else says it to us – no one ever debates it or tries to talk us out of it.

How can you argue or debate when someone says that? Instead we just nod or say “Okay”. We instinctively give credibility to that “something”.

So consider making it a goal to act only on the “something tells me…” directives.

Something tells me…

  • To not sign the document
  •  To leave the party now
  •  To meet so-and-so for lunch
  •  To look for different work
  •  To call my child

Remember, every decision, each choice has Gut guidance but we’re usually too busy planning and scheming to consider listening for it.


What do you think about this whole “something tells me” notion and the credibility we give it?

Wishing You A Soulful Experience In The New Year

Did you know that by excavating the fears of your human experience you make more room for your Soul to express effortlessly?

Just as a musician gets lost in playing music, you too, can get lost in your own Soulful experience.

When you’re emanating anything from your Soul you’ll recognize it as the most blissful yet grounded feeling you’ve ever had.

I wish you a very Happy New Year filled with Soulful experiences.

Go With Your Gut